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Birding Tour In India

Tourism is on the rise in India and numerous popular activities and advancements are being made to promote tourism. Hence, travel tours for Birding are gaining immense popularity. Due to the country’s diverse range of habitat and bird species,India becomes an ideal destination for birding activities.India allows all bird watchers an experience to spot and explore its diverse species of birds, including endemic,
migratory and endangered species.

There are many popular locations in each state of the country based on one’s interest. One such popular state is Gujarat for Birding Tour In India, and is highly preferred. Head below to explore the most loved places in Gujarat.

Birding Tours Of Gujarat
Gujarat covers diverse habitats to varied ecosystems which includes forests, salt
pans, grasslands and wetlands that results in being a hotspot for birding enthusiasts
and naturalists.

  1. The Little Rann Of Kutch￾-

It is one of the popular destinations for birding, which is a habitat for migration of popular birds such as cranes, flamingos and raptors among others.

  1. The Velavadar –
    The Velavadar National Park in addition to Black Bucks is a habitat to a lot of water birds as it has coverage of large water bodies. One can spot pelicans, flamingos and storks at this destination. The park is also the World’s Largest Communal Roosting site of the Harrier species.

3 .Gir national park
Birding in Gir National Park is a unique experience, offering sightings of rare and majestic avian species in between the natural wilderness of Gujarat. From the spectacular Indian Pitta to the elusive Malabar Trogon, the park attracts birdwatchers seeking to witness the rich biodiversity of the region.

  1. Banni Grassland reserve￾-
    These grasslands are intertwined between the salty terrain of little Rann of Kutch and is rich in biodiversity and wildlife. These grasslands also play a significant role in the migratory birds that visit these areas in roosting and serving as staging grounds.Thousands of flamingos, painted storks, common cranes can be spotted among others that come to these locales.

5.Nalsarovar –
It is a low lying wetland of 120 square km and located between central Gujarat and Eastern Saurashtra and is one of the most magnificent natural lakes in the country and a perfect backdrop for birding. It has migratory visitors from Siberia, local migratory birds as well as residents. One can Witness greater and lesser flamingos,crakes ,grebes and many many more.

Best time to visit – October till February

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